Friar's Bay: removal of two containers installed illegally on the beach

Just a year ago, one of the restaurant owners at the Friar's Bay Beach installed two containers next to his establishment. They had been set on a concrete slab. A few weeks later, the urban planning department noticed the installation.

According the Collectivité officials, since the land is private, the owner is free to do what he wants on it, including placing containers. However, he must adhere to urban planning regulations. Specifically, he must file a prior statement or apply for a building permit within three months if he intends to build a permanent construction.

However, several months later, the urban planning department made another visit to the site, and they found that work had been undertaken without authorization. Specifically, doors and windows were illegally installed. A report was issued and the gendarmes were apprised of the case.

On Tuesday, March 7, on the instructions of the prosecutor, the containers were removed by gendarmes and the Collectivité. The owner, who wanted to build a shop, will be summoned before the Criminal Court of Saint-Martin on June 8. He said, however, that he would like to come into compliance

Estelle Gasnet