Haiti wants to make tourism the "locomotive” of its economy

Guy Didier Hyppolite, the newly appointed Minister of Tourism in Haiti, speaks in clear terms: its ' objectives are to promote further the destination and increase [their] share of the world market by setting a holistic approach to tourism. He wants to make tourism the "locomotive” of Haiti’s economy. This business sector should become "a competitive and innovative industry that will create economically strong communities".

To do that, the Government has adopted a strategic plan consisting of three axes: institutional strengthening in order to establish partnerships that would improve infrastructure, promotion (of a responsible, sustainable and cultural tourism) and support to tour operators.

Besides that, Guy Didier Hyppolite announces the strengthening of promotional campaigns at international level. 'Particular emphasis will be placed on eco-tourism and agro-tourism', he says.

As Cuba has just hosted the first American cruise lines, Haiti becomes a more and more threatening destination from the other Caribbean islands perspective, as the latter will have to demonstrate a strong responsiveness if they want to maintain their visitor rates.

As Cuba, Haiti is better serviced by airlines. For example, Insel Air announced at the end of March that they will provide four nonstop (two hours) flights weekly between Miami and Port-au-Prince, on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Estelle Gasnet