He slaps his mistress who disrespected him

A 53-year-old man has appeared in court for violence on his concubine.

One evening in May, she goes to a party with her girlfriends. The party ending a bit earlier as planned, she decides to go to a second party. At midnight, her companion still does not see her back home, so he decides to go look for her. The concern, according to him, is that she was supposed to return at 10 PM. He only had “authorized her” to go to one party and that “until 10 PM”. On the way home, in the car, the tone rises quickly. He gets angry, slaps her and bears a blow with a long iron bar of fifty-four centimeters. Signs of beating will be observed by the physician at the Emergency Department. “She disrespected me”, he told the court before which he appeared on Thursday, February 9. Although summoned to court for violence against his concubine, the man does not understand the situation. In court, he repeats that she disrespected him. He remains on his positions: she didn't have to go to a second party and she had to come back home at 10 PM. Not at midnight. He puts forward a series of arguments in Creole. “I am responsible for her,” he said. “I pay everything for her,” he says. “So this gives you the right to say that you are responsible and to decide at what time she has to come home”, invokes the judge. “Yes,” replies the man who has an extramarital relationship with this woman for the past three years. He admits, frankly, “having two women”. The court tries to make understand to this man of fifty-three years that it is normal for his mistress the “desire to go out” because she is only twenty-one years old. She is 32 years younger than him. “You have a special relationship with women,” commented the Deputy Prosecutor Michaël Ohayon, which states that the accused has already slapped his mistress for similar reasons, the lack of respect. According to the requisitions of the Prosecutor's office, the court pronounced a sentence of 60 days fine at 5 euros, oi.e a fine of 300 euros.

Estelle Gasnet