The New Year wishes of Jules Charville

The "conseiller territorial" and president of Hope Partu adresses his wishes for 2017 in a press releases.

"The year 2016 has been marked with both shade and sunshine. We all suffered many tragedies, but we emerged stronger and wiser, in spite of them.

It troubles me greatly when I remember the sad acts of violence that rocked both sides of the island. But far from letting that discouraging us, we also had beautiful victories, such as the nomination of our island as the Caribbean # 1 destination for tourism, according to the Resonance's report presented at the 2016 C.T.O. (Caribbean Tourism Conference).

 In these, the first days of the new year, let's spare a thought for all our brothers and sisters who suffer silently, for we have hope in our hearts that they will suffer no more.
Let's spare a thought for those who are looking for work, for we hope that they will gain employment now. For those who struggle to achieve their ambitions, for we hope they can be successful now.

For those who despair to feed their families a square meal, for we hope they will despair no more.

I then think of our youngsters who represent the dynamic hopes of Saint Martin. I want to encourage you to continue your efforts, because I know, like you, that success is within reach. Together, we can give hope to all those who need our help.

 In 2017, we will also come together and make critical choices that will impact us for years to come.

 First, the governing body of our community will change in March. They will pave the way for other committed women and men who will work together and chart the course for a more prosperous and a peaceful future.

My fellow members of the Hope party and I are excited to implement the changes you that expect. And deserve. Yes, it is time that, together, we put our skills, experience and beliefs to good use for our community.
 Then, the presidential and legislative elections in May and June are also important democratic milestones for all of us.
 We know that we must put our differences aside and come together to make the right choices that are in the best interests of St. Martin.

We will therefore continue to contribute, in our own way, to the development of our island, to help and give hope to all craftsmen, traders, teachers, health professionals, workers, civil servants, employees, entrepreneurs, volunteers and all those who live in Saint Martin.
 I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year for 2017. The love that unites us will make us stronger than that which divides us.

 Happy New Year."

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