St. Martin in the Argentinian Press

A delegation from the Office of Tourism promoting the advantages of the island in Buenos Aires.

Kate Richardson, director of the Tourist Office of St Martin, accompanied by Fabien Charbonnier, South America Marketing Director, and Marcelo Suarez, Saint-Martin’s new representative for the Southern Cone, held a press conference in Buenos Aires to present the island’s new attractions and latest advertising campaign: "Smile at life." This visit garnered the interest of Argentine media as evidenced by the various articles available on the internet.

In an interview with the website Mensajero, Kate Richardson explained that the South Americans represent a quarter of the tourists of St. Martin. “And they are important to us, she added, because they work in reverse of visitors from the northern hemisphere who travel in general between November and March, unlike the South Americans who come between April and October, even if they are present throughout the year.” She also introduced Marcelo Suarez, well known in the tourism industry, who is responsible for promoting the French side of St. Martin to the southernmost area of ​​the continent, called "Southern Cone." This appointment follows the fall of Brazilian tourism after their government suffering from economic woes. Until then Brazil was the most prominent source of South American visitors to the island. Therefore, the Tourist Office of St Martin management decided to focus their attention to countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Paraguay - without abandoning the Brazilian market.

Fanny Fontan