Marcia Williams wins Gebe’s Xmas lighting competition

Burning an extra bit of electricity for the Xmas holidays turned out to be beneficial for five residents who participated in the annual Christmas Lighting competition organized by Gebe.

Each of the houses went through a majestic transformation, all aiming to be the best, but Marcia B. Williams, whose house is located on Hibiscus Road in Saunders got the nod of approval from the panel of judges which included Gebe CEO Kenrick Chittick.

According to the judges, her house fitted the set criteria, namely creativity, a touch of local tradition, first impression and special effects that were incorporated in addition to the traditional Christmas tree that was elaborately displayed.

For her winning effort, Williams along with the other four participants will receive varying cash prizes along with electricity credit and a framed photograph of their respective homes which was taken the night they were judged.

The other prizes went to the following persons in order: Chris Fleming, from Sucker Garden, Letticia Peterson, Cole Bay roundabout, Pauline Gumbs, Walter Nisbeth Road and Hendrika Martina, in South Reward.

The competition was open to anyone willing to participate but only nine announced their intentions to be involved and from that nine, one dropped out.

CEO, Mr. Kenrick Chittick congratulated all of the participants for bringing extra sparkle and Christmas cheer to the community of St. Maarten.  Mr. Chittick stated that “the participants put a huge amount of time and effort into their displays and brought a great deal of excitement and festive transformation to their neighborhoods.”


Hilbert Haar (Today)