Ciclad et Impact Holding manages the Grand Case Airport

SNC-Lavalin announced on December 30th, that it has signed and closed an agreement to sell its ongoing activities in France and in Monaco to Ciclad and Impact Holding for a nominal amount.

The agreement does not include SNC-Lavalin’s TC Dome S.A.S. capital investment, which will be governed by a different sale agreement with a separate set of closing conditions, and is expected to close at a later date.

“The sale is consistent with our focus on operational excellence and our efforts to align our activities with our global core business strategy. Despite restructuring and improvement efforts over the past few years, our overall business in France has not generated the expected profitability,” said Ian L. Edwards, President, Infrastructure, SNC-Lavalin. “This was the best economic option for our business and stakeholders going forward, and provides for continuity of operations for clients and employees in France and Monaco, who will transition to new owners.”

SNC-Lavalin’s activities in France cover several markets, including complex buildings, industry and agribusiness, transportation and cities, as well as the operations and maintenance of 19 regional airports, among the Grand Case Airport in Saint-Martin.

Estelle Gasnet