In a fit of madness, he started shooting about 15 times.

The events took place in French Quarter. The perpetrator will be tried on Wednesday in Saint Martin.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, while he was going back home, drunk, in the Orléans neighborhood, a thirty-year-old man threw a fit of madness. He starts shouting, grabs a weapon (of category B) and starts shooting on the walls of the living room. Relatives living with him protect themselves. Then he goes on the balcony and once again uses his firearm. No passerby on the sidewalk is shot and injured. Only material damages are caused, cars parked on the street have bullet impacts. At least around fifteen shots have been fired.

The police officers are quickly alerted and challenged the individual who was immediately placed in custody. On the outcome of the procedure on Monday, he was taken before the judge of freedoms who ordered his detention on remand pending his judgment which will take place Wednesday. He will be taken to the Criminal Court of Saint Martin with immediate appearance. A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered.


Estelle Gasnet