On the beach, he “showed it all”

A man in his forties was tried for indecent exposure on Happy Bay beach.

While a couple was kissing on Happy Bay beach, the wife noticed a man masturbating a few meters away. She told her husband, and the couple decided to leave. The gendarmes were informed of his presence and also of a second individual who was exposing himself on the beach. The soldiers implemented a patrol. On the beach, they then saw a man standing behind a tree. "He was wearing a brown pair of shorts and had his hand in his shorts," noted the gendarmes in their report while specifying that they could see "a stroking movement." The man was arrested. His friend was also questioned.



The two protagonists do not deny the facts. On the contrary. "Before I used to go to Baie rouge...» explained one of them, who used to sit naked on his t-shirt in the sand. He also said that often "women come look [at him], that [they go] together behind the bushes to do what [they have] to do."

The two men don’t describe themselves as Don Juan but suggest that they have a certain sex appeal. "A woman was in front of me, she opened her legs, so I showed it all! » said one of them to the gendarmes.

The medical expertise of TR - The only one who has been prosecuted - indeed reveals "a sexually active bachelorhood." However, he doesn’t show any “mental disorders”.



Last week, TR was summoned before the Saint-Martin criminal court where he was represented by his lawyer. She tried to demonstrate that her client did not commit any act of public indecency.

On the one hand, she pointed out that nudism is allowed on Happy Bay beach, it’s common knowledge. She even quoted an extract from the description of the Jardins d’O residence located in Saint-Martin, “Just minutes away from 3 nude beaches (Orient Bay, Happy Bay, Pinel Island)". Therefore, she considered that her client cannot be sentenced because he was nude in a place where nudism is allowed.

On the other hand, the lawyer noted that there was no witness to testify to the masturbation scenes. "It is clearly written in the gendarmes’ report that they did not see my client’s genitals because this part of his body was hidden by tree branches," she said. "The woman who was questioned by the gendarmes also said that she did not see my client masturbating. The wife of the couple who was kissing was not questioned by the gendarmes", added the attorney for whom no testimony means no proof. She therefore requested an acquittal.

The Deputy Prosecutor Michaël Ohayon requested a four-month suspended sentence or probation. The sentence has been adjourned until May 19.





Estelle Gasnet