Using art against obesity and diabets

HeadMade factory artists have created a 7 families card game "The ACCCroSSSSucres" in the context of the prevention against obesity and diabetes.

HeadMade Factory will organise an exhibition and sale of the works of the artists as an advantage of the actions since 2010.

In 2016 HeadMade Factory has plans to use art to participate in the prevention of risks related at obesity and diabetes. HMF artists: Cindy Choisy, Laurent Bayly and Florence Poirier-NKPA and Karim Gangue a Senegalese illustrator have created a 7 families card game : "The ACCCroSSSSucres " which will be distributed to schools in St-Martin and Guadeloupe to educate younger on the risks about overconsumption of sugar .

Cindy Choisy, Florence Poirier-Nkpa and the photographer & the new member of HMF Laurent Bayly gather around a common exhibition. Each will present his personal work. The photographs of Deborah Jack « A season of bloom » will also be exhibited for sale. As a last three lithographs of the godfather of HMF: Jacques Bosser will also be exhibited.

During the exhibition all works which are sold will benefit from a tax reduction equal to 60%.

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HMF is an artist collective working on contemporary art and culture in St Martin. Dance, visual arts, exhibitions, conferences. These activities about art, illustrate an artistic movement from St Martin willing to be recognized internationaly. Welcoming new artists and new talents is also part of the HMF goals, and to organize an international art event in St. Martin. With the support of tourism and education authorities these artists want to organize events to prove the strenght of contemporary art here but also to promote the island in an other way for tourism.