Les Choupinets: temporary administrative closing

The PMI found several breaches of the hygiene and safety rules. .

During "successive visits" conducted within Les Choupinets located in Agrément, the PMI services (Maternal and Infant Protection) found "breaches of the rules of hygiene, a lack of highly qualified personal in terms of the number and age of the children", as well as a "failure to insurance policy”. The manager has not performed the administrative process for "approval of the structure and this, despite the support offered by the PMI services." Further, it has not begun the process to "have the structure in compliance under the regulations of the institutions open to the public”. The PMI is considering "that a large number of children is welcomed into this structure in disregard of safety standards, hygiene and management prescribed by the regulations in force". Also the prefecture proceeded on December 15 to the provisional administrative closure of the establishment, until all compliance and regularization steps have been taken with the services of the community.


Estelle Gasnet