Jewelry store robbed at La Samanna: what is known about the incident.

The incident occurred Thursday at 11:00 am extremely quickly, as three minutes later the robbers were crossing the border.

Four individuals robbed the jewelry store Oro del Sol located inside the Hotel La Samanna (independent from the hotel). "Four men arrived at the scene in a white van at 11:00 am. They all came out. Only one was armed,” said the Captain Emmanuel Maignan from the police station. They stole a quantity of jewelry and luxury watches, the loss of which has not yet been established. "Then they left in the van. And at 11:03 am, they crossed the border to go in the direction of Saint Martin," says the captain. No one was injured. They entered the jewelry store by a secondary access. The police have warned their counterparts on the Dutch side, who found the vehicle abandoned in the early afternoon at Mullet Bay. The van was given to the research section for further investigation. It had been stolen the previous night on the French side.




Estelle Gasnet