Free Wildlife eBook Released for Endemic Animal Festival

The association Les Fruits de Mer organises the third edition of 2016 Endemic Animal Festival on april 24th and just released a free wildlife eBook.

In preparation for the upcoming 2016 Endemic Animal Festival, Les Fruits de Mer has released a free eBook, Eye on Endemics: Caribbean Originals, featuring full-color photos and fascinating info about some of the captivating lizards, birds, and insects found only on this island or only in our region. The book is available for free download on the association’s website.The Festival itself will take place on Sunday, April 24th from 9am to noon at the St. Maarten Zoo in Madame Estate.

The free eBook is a companion piece to the association's third annual Endemic Animal Festival, and was designed to be downloaded not just onto computers and laptops, but also onto smartphones and tablets to identify endemic species on the go, explains Les Fruits de Mer President Jenn Yerkes. “The Festival is a chance to get up close with the animals that are unique to our island and area, while the eBook gives people a more in-depth look at some specific endemics, including local names. You can use it as a mobile tool–it even tells you where to look for the different species we spotlighted!”

Many of these species will be featured at this year's Endemic Animal Festival, which will include an Endemic Animal Discovery Station, native animal activity books, guided wildlife walks, and art activities related to endemic animals. This year the Festival will be held at the St. Maarten Zoo to showcase the new series of native animal panels created by Les Fruits de Mer, funded by SXM DOET and Be the Change SXM, and installed by a team of volunteers from Les Fruits de Mer, SXM DOET and St. Maarten Zoo.

“The 2016 Festival is the perfect way to officially launch this project to weave the story of St. Martin's natural heritage into the landscape of the zoo,” says Les Fruits de Mer co-founder Mark Yokoyama, “We'd like to invite everyone to come out to enjoy the zoo, see the new panels, and have a great time at the Festival!” 

The April 24th Festival is free and open to the public, and is made possible by the generosity of event sponsors Buccaneer Beach Bar, Calmos Cafe, Delta Petroleum, Hotel L’Esplanade, Lagoonies Bistro and Bar, Loterie Farm and Tri-Sport.