Alain Richardson invites the public to his first in a series of Town-hall meetings


Alain Richardson invites the public to his first in a series of Town-hall meetings on some of the most important and timely topics for our people and for our territory in these very challenging times.

Our history proves that St-Martin and its people have been pioneers and they carry one of the greatest heritage and identity. The knowledge of that history and the embracing of that heritage and identity stand as our greatest strength in forging and charting the great future that needs to be ours.

Our first Town hall meeting will deal with the topic of: Understanding the bond between the St-Martin people and their land; Why owning a piece of this land and developing property is part of the “St-Martin ideal”; How the present legal and fiscal systems on land, property ownership and rental incomes are destroying and preventing the current and future generations from living their “St-Martin ideal”.

We will present our policy and program to alleviate the current crippling burden on owners,   to empower and encourage our people in the path of ownership by making the “St-Martin ideal” possible once again for all, and thus stimulate the much needed economic growth.

Speakers: Mrs. Daniella JEFFRY & Mr. Alain RICHARDSON.

Date: Friday, December 16th 2016. 

Time: 6 pm.

Place: Chamber of Commerce CCISM building, Spring Concordia.