Heavy rains expected in Saint-Martin on Monday

Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy have been placed in yellow alert due to heavy rains and thunderstorms.

"We have a cold front which is located to the north of the 20th parallel north and which is gradually coming down from the north to the south. There is also especially a jet stream which will be passing on the outskirts of our islands during the day on Monday", indicated Météo France in its Monday morning bulletin

Warmer et more humid air in the lower layers, which is currently in the southern part of the Caribbean arc, will arrive from the South in the course of the day. An area of strong violence accentuated by the passage of a fast jet will get dangerously close to our islands in the course of the afternoon. Along with this, a strong warm and humid advection in the lower layers will reach our archipelago from the South and we will experience a particularly noticeable degradation in the atmospheric conditions on our islands with increasingly frequent and strong to locally violent showers and at times accompanied by strong thunderstorms.

This episode will last at least 48 hours. Heavy rains of more than 120 to 150 mm within 24 hours are expected in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélémy starting this afternoon.