Tax revenue increased by more than 20%

EUR 89 million collected in 2015.

During the presentation of the management accounts for the year 2015, an assessment of the tax revenues has been drawn up for the same year. It turns out to be very satisfactory since there has been a 20% increase, up to a total of approximately 89 M€ (excl. the 5 M€ RSA amount owed by the CAF and the 30% levy), compared to 73 M€ in 2014.

According to the Director of the tax department of the Collectivité, these results are due to a net improvement in tax collection, i.e. a greater number of people pay their taxes. The income tax revenue increased by 45% while the tax rate remains unchanged. "It’s a sign of the good work our services are doing in collecting the tax," said David Girardeau. The same applies for the tourist tax on the tax on car rentals, which increased by 40 and 32% respectively last year. As a reminder, the Collectivité signed an agreement with customs authority in order to allow them to collect these taxes and carry out checks.

Concerning the TGCA, for the first time, it exceeded 4 M€ in 2015. The Collectivité considers this result is due to an increase in consumption but also in the number of traders and companies contributing to this Tax.

However, the Collectivité believes that "the tax potential is still far from being exhausted."

Estelle Gasnet