Trafficking of cannabis: "I have the look for the job"

A man in his thirties was summoned before the Court for purchasing and reselling cannabis.

Before the judge of the Saint-Martin criminal court before which he appeared last week, this man in his thirties did not try to deny the charges. He is what the Deputy Prosecutor Michaël Ohayon called, "a small drug dealer". In fact, he buys and resells cannabis.

He does not contest the charges, he substantiates them. "I have the look for the job", he said to the gendarmes during his custody. He said that on several occasions, he was approached by people who asked him if he sold cannabis. At the time, he didn’t have any but did what he could in order to meet these requests. "I went and got them some", he added. And that’s how he supposedly began his business. He was encouraged by the consumers.

He earned between 100 and 150 dollars a month. He sold two or four gram bags respectively for 5 and 10 dollars.

He was arrested by the gendarmes at the end of June 2016. On that day, he "woke up at around 3 - 4 pm and went walking at Sandy Ground" where he was part of a group of persons who were checked during a simple operation. He was in possession of over 68 grams of cannabis.

Since then, he is said to be only a consumer. He told the judges that he had bought some grass last week.

The Court issued him a six-month suspended prison sentence and a fine for 700 euros.



Estelle Gasnet