Sports facilities: work making headway

Plateau de la médiathèque
Quartier d'Orléans
Conférence de presse
Plateau de la médiathèque
Quartier d'Orléans
Conférence de presse
The Collectivité representatives presented the progress of the renovation work on the sports facilities.

Following the vandalism of one of the renovation work sites of the sports facilities initiated by the Collectivité, the Collectivité representatives held a press conference in French Quarter to review the progress of the work, in the presence of a few local sports associations as well as a District Council representative. "It won't keep us from moving forward but it slows us down, and it is a pity because these are tools for the young people in the district," said Alain Gros-Désormeaux territorial advisor in charge of sporting affairs, by way of introduction.

Protecting the sports facilities is one of the issues of these renovations. The installation of fences (compliant with standards) and turnstiles are intended to prevent children from accessing bicycle or motorbike equipment. Building on the success of the premises which were inaugurated in Sandy Ground last August, the Collectivité has decided to entrust the entrance and exit management as well as "light" cleaning to a subsidised employment company from the island which will have an office at every facility. The Collectivité is still responsible for the general management of the sports facilities and, therefore, all requests for authorisation to use the fields should be addressed to them. Except for the one at the media library which is rather intended for free practice, most of the other facilities will be reserved in priority for schools (9 am to 5 pm) and "duly authorised" sports associations  (5 pm to 10 pm). Therefore, a planning and schedule will have to be respected. Charles-Henri Palvair, Director of the youth, sports, culture and associations service, pointed out that “children who are in clubs not only do sports, they receive an education and guidance".

Work in progress 

  • The media library facility: floor renovation, installation of lighting and creation of a basketball court, a volleyball court, two mini-soccer fields, and a bowling center. Delivery scheduled for the first half of May.
  • Galisbay omnisport auditorium: floor and paint renovation and installation of LED lighting. Delivery scheduled for the first half of May. The outdoor area has been optimised in order to propose more sports activities (beach volley/foot…). A field has been made available to the Collège Mont des Accords sports association which took care of the interior design and equipment for its sailing school.
  • Cul-de-sac: creation of two basketball courts and a field handball which are larger than the previous ones and compliant with standards to be able to host competitions. Also lighting.  Delivery at the beginning of May.
  • French Quarter Spring: the COM is waiting for things to calm down before continuing the work in order to be able to ensure safety for the companies concerned. It is exploring solutions with the District Council representatives. 
  •  French Quarter: project for the creation of a tennis court, a volleyball court between the football fields and a jumping area which leads to a wall for the moment. Optionally, the creation of an urban bodybuilding area which will be half the size of a basketball court. To the right and left of the bleachers, storage areas will be provided for equipment (similar to mini-football cages). Inside the buildings, possibly the creation of a fitness room, among other things, for the athletics club, as well as a boxing area.
  • Vanderpool sports auditorium: the four basketball facilities will be covered in order to protect users from the sun. The work has started.

Upcoming projects 

  • La Savane: same work (floor renovation, lights, and safety) plus a bleacher in the middle with a cover. 
  • Creation of two football (and rugby) fields in synthetic turf in French Quarter and Sandy Ground for which the work should begin in early April and be finished in August for the former and the end of December for the latter.
  • Friar’s Bay: planning in progress
Fanny Fontan