Orange to launch 4G in Saint-Martin in December

Last week, the Arcep revealed the name of the mobile phone operators which are allowed to launch 4G in Overseas. In Saint-Martin, there are four including Orange which will propose it in December.

We will have to wait a few more weeks before 4G supported by Orange arrives in Saint-Martin. The incumbent operator has indeed scheduled its deployment in December. "We had anticipated it by working on updating our networks. With the Arcep, we also tried 4G on one hundred and twenty of our sites including some in Saint-Martin in order to be sure that it works properly. This has enabled us to be able to propose it starting in December," explained Philippe Roquelaure, communications director at Orange in the West Indies-Guyana region. He also added that "optical fiber is already installed on most of the aerials in the Northern islands". "In Saint-Martin, 99 % of the population will be covered by 4G starting in the first quarter of 2017," he said.

In terms of use, the bandwidth will be between 50 and 150 megabytes, "which is three times more than with 3G", pointed out Philippe Roquelaure while explaining that certain areas will provide 4G+ (up to 300 megabytes).

But only clients who have a device which is compatible with 4G and a suitable offer will benefit from it. The others will be asked to change their phone in the framework of their phone renewal program. Concerning the rates of the offers which will be presented, Philippe Roquelaure does not want communicate them (yet) for the moment.

Estelle Gasnet