Hairdresser violently assaulted by two individuals in Saint Barth

The authors will be tried on Wednesday in Saint-Martin at a summary hearing.

On Tuesday October 4 at around 8:25 pm, a young hairdresser in Saint-Barthélemy was assaulted by two hooded individuals, one of whom was carrying a machete, while he was returning to his home, indicated the prosecutor who has been detached from Saint-Martin. The two persons grabbed him violently and tried to cut the strap of his bag before snatching it away. They then strongly pushed the victim into the bushes and ran away on a scooter.

The victim was injured by the fall. He got eight days of temporary work disability. The victim, who’s in a state of shock, was not able to give a precise description due to the darkness. Furthermore, he was not able to see the scooter which was hidden by bushes. The two individuals stole 150 €, his smartphone, his passport, two professional hand-held trimmers as well as two bottles of perfume.

The preliminary investigation conducted by the Saint-Barthélémy gendarmerie  has led the search to two young individuals, born in 1988 and 1989, and who reside in Grand Cul de Sac in Saint-Barthélémy. The Office of the Prosecutor has stated that one of the two has already been sentenced for drug dealing and violence.

Some of the stolen objects were found in the home of the two suspects.

If the two individuals deny the accusations, the evidence collected against them will result in the prosecutor requesting their deferral to Saint-Martin on Saturday in order to solicit the liberties and detention judge for their provisional incarceration until next Wednesday, the date of the summary trial in Saint Martin, in application of the new protocol authorizing their custody in the gendarmerie premises.