Chevrise: demolition of condemned buildings underway

The residence belonging to the SIG was poorly built and today, it will be demolished.

In June 2015, an unsafe property decree was made against the Société Immobilière de Guadeloupe (SIG), because the approximately one hundred buildings belonging to the residence owned by SIG at Chevrise presented technical defects regarding the stability of the walls.

According to Yasmine Encelade, Planning Director at SIG, this technical defect resulted from the introduction of poorly washed sea sand into the concrete at the time of construction; this is called an alkali reaction. The buildings were therefore declared uninhabitable.

The SIG therefore had to definitively and sustainably re-house all residents concerned, which took a year. It also compensated the residents of the buildings, some of whom were part of a program to access the property.

Last August, it arranged for the demolition of the buildings. This construction, costing a total of €4 million, should be completed in December. It is financed by SIG.

"It was urgent to ensure the safety of the residents and the application of the decree," Yasmine Encelade asserts. "When the time comes, after the demolition work is completed, we will have discussions with the Collectivité about possible new uses for the site," she added.


Fanny Fontan