Fishing, a regulated industry



In Saint-Martin at the end of 2015, the Directorate for Maritime Affairs identified twelve fishing vessels for thirteen normally registered fishermen. Most of them fish with traps and pots - except for specific species - and on small vessels called saintoises. As can be seen on the Marigot market stalls, or on the menus of local restaurant owners, they are fishing for red snappers, dolphinfish (mahi-mahi), lobster (royal and Brazilian), stromb, red and yellow tuna, skipjacks, colas, kingfish… Once they arrive on land, all recognized species are sold as such, and the others are sold in bulk,"from the pot".

In the context of resource conservation, some fish and crustaceans must exceed a certain size, a sign of proof that they have reached a certain degree of maturity and therefore have already reproduced. For example, royal lobsters must measure over 21 cm (from the tip of the rostrum to the end of the tail) and 14 cm for Brazilian lobsters. Strombs, key seafood of Creole cuisine, benefits from special protection: it is prohibited to capture them on the Northern Islands from April 1st to August 31.

For that matter, there are also poisonous species which are logically prohibited from beoing captured and sold. Especially because they can cause ciguatera poisoning, which is linked to the ingestion of tropical fish from the coral reefs for wich the consequences for humans are described on the website of the Préfecture de la Guadeloupe.

Fishing is strictly regulated in the entire area demarcated by the Natural Reserve and the Coastal Conservatory, from Creole Rock to Oyster Pond - except for Orient Bay and the inner-Bay of Cul de Sac



Regulatory inspections are carried out on the spot by intervention service agents, belonging to the gendarmerie nautical brigade and the coastguards (maritime customs). Agents of the Natural Reserve also have jurisdiction in matters of fishing inspections within the reserve boundaries. During the "Polpêche" inspection campaign carried out on the Northern Islands on January 16 - 22, several dozens of ships and professional establishments were inspected at sea and on land. Fifteen offenses were reported: non-professional fishermen, non-compliant or prohibited catches depending on the origin of the flag and the products caught, non-compliance with hygiene rules, non-compliance with the minimum sizes, lack of traceability…"Apart from compliance with environmental regulations and the laws of the rural and fishing code, inspections are used to decrease the amount of pressure on the Saint-Martin fishermen and conserve resources" declared Michael Wery, spokesman of the Sea Director in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

Just like the official number of fishermen differs from the number of potential fishermen (non-registered + foreigners)," it is currently difficult to quantify the volume of the catches" said Michael Wery. Then he added: "The State, the Collectivité and the Chamber of Commerce are working in collaboration with professional fishermen on organizing the industry around structuring projects. Organizing the fishing industry must help improve our knowledge of local fishing practices, and also help fishermen to modernize their working tool, as well as develop employment."


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