Urban guerrilla in French Quarter

The gendarmes have been victims of riots, throwing of stones and homemade rockets at their intervention Thursday in French Quarter.

Thursday morning, after the gendarmes had prevented the establishment of a blockade at French Quarter, the young people placed stones and other objects on several roads in the area blocking traffic. At midday, the authorities decided to organize an operation by security forces to clear the roads. Its preparation required a few hours and the support of the Collectivité, which was put in charge of making a backhoe available to the gendarmerie. The intervention was scheduled for 5 PM.

"We had the support of people and applause. There was no hostility”, he followed, while admitting that some insults were launched.

The situation escalated in Belle Plaine where a barricade was set on fire and was burning.  While the gendarmes were within a hundred meters, they were targeted with bottles and stones being thrown at them. They then sought to protect themselves by using tear gas.

 Sensing that the situation could escalate even further and very quickly, the gendarmes decided to retreat at around 7:30 PM. They also emphasized that after their departure, the blockades would not be in place anymore.

However, those of Belle Plaine remained all night. Early this morning the gendarmes came back to clear the road.

In the end, sixty men were mobilized and twenty were slightly injured, two undergoing a medical follow-up.

Estelle Gasnet