Tropical Storm Matthew: still a lot of wind and strong seas on Thursday morning in Saint Martin

The intense tropical storm Matthew has crossed the West Indies arc and is continuing its course in the Caribbean Sea, reported Météo France in its bulletin on Thursday at 6 am.

It’s continuing to move farther away towards the west, but St-Martin and St-Barthélemy are mainly affected by the wind and sea conditions caused by the tropical storm. The wind in the eastern sector is still blowing at an average wind speed of 40 to 50 km/h, with gusts at 80 km/h. Wind speeds are expected to gradually decrease in the morning. The seas are still rough. Currently, the average troughs are close to 3.5 m. The waves will also become smaller with the lessening of wind speeds.

50 km/h winds as well as a gust of wind at 101 km/h were measured last night in St Barthélemy.

The Northern islands are still in yellow alert.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Matthew is expected to gain strength and become a cyclone in the upcoming days while heading back up north.