2.7 % increase in the number of unemployed people in Saint-Martin

There were 4,336 unemployed people at the end of August.

With 116 new registrations at Pôle Emploi in the A category in Saint-Martin in August, the number of people looking for a job has increased by 2.74% within a month and has reached a total of 4,336. Women represent 58.3 % of the people registered.

Compared to last year at the same time, there are 49 less unemployed people.

Furthermore, there were 4,830 unemployed people in categories A, B and C at the end of August 2016 in Saint-Martin. This number has increased by 2.5% within three months (meaning +120 people) ; it is up by 3.6% within a month and 1.4% within a year.

Registrations should continue to increase locally due to the low season; the less favorable months for employment are September and October.



Estelle Gasnet