The Carnival Committee on the French Side revealed the 2017 Carnival schedule

On Saturday, September 17th, 2016, the members of the carnival committee on the French side FCDSM organized a press conference at the Chamber of Commerce building where they revealed the 2017 Carnival schedule.

During her opening speech, the Vice-president Claudine Mingau highlighted the implication of all the committee members who work actively and voluntarily for 5 years now with the aim of promoting and developing the carnival festivities of the French side of the island. She also reminded everyone that this cultural event is undoubtedly a real vector of economic development and an ideal marketing tool for the destination which requires the input of the entire population. Mrs Mingau seized this opportunity to extend the committee’s gratitude to all the institutions, private enterprises, revelers, schools and the media for their support during the last carnival season.

The Vice-president then announced that the carnival committee intends to upgrade the Carnival season with shows and innovative parades for the next edition. The committee today is putting the emphasis on early preparation and promotion. Mrs Mingau then revealed the official program for the next season which will run from Saturday February 4th to Wednesday March 1st 2017. The longest carnival season ever for the committee will feature 10 full nights of concerts and shows in the Carnival village with the cooperation of our island’s very own promising artists and international artists.

The 2017 edition is scheduled to host some new features such as the organization of an individual costumes competition, a lightening parade, a pre-parade for the children on the theme of Candy and finally a Calypso tent. The committee also chose to outsource a show, allowing to have the big return of the popular Miss Teen and Miss Senior Carnival pageants. Though the carnival season is dedicated to the party spirit, it also represents an enormous project which requires human resources of invested and available volunteers, a strong capacity of management and especially consequent funds, precised Vice-president Claudine Mingau. In an optic of transparency, the Treasurer Alex Pierre presented the projected budget for the organization of the next festivities which amounts to 262 900 €. Thus, the Treasurer took the opportunity to issue an appeal to private enterprises and citizens to support the sustainability and the development of the Carnaval de Saint-Martin by getting involved financially and by being a volunteer. However, he reassured, in spite of needs in fund, the committee posts a stable financial status but would require a complementary financing for the benefit of the productions and the flexibility.

To motivate the largest number and incite the whole population to participate in the festivities, the committee decided to put the focus this year again on the marketing aspect. A new strategy was put in place which will consist in promoting the festivities from now until March 1st. The committee plans to broadcast widely on the island all the information relative to all the festivities via all means of communication. Therefore, with this objective the committee produced a promotional video which was revealed during the press conference. The idea, behind this video is to bring awareness on the upcoming season but also to demonstrate that the Carnival is the affair of the entire island. This promotional tool will be broadcast via all social networks, on TV channels and on the Tourism office website. The committee thanked Great music movies-picture for the editing of the video, but also everyone who contributed to the realization of this video (Maelys Farlot, Shalyah Ferrol, Chico Rollan, Alberto Brooks, Gunslingers, Oxygen crew and Mrs Ruby Bute).

The Conference ended with the presentation of the beautiful delegates for the Miss Teen and Miss Senior 2017 carnival pageants.