The Mary's Boon Hotel in Simpson Bay is still up for sale at $6M

The establishment has been up for sale since the beginning of the year.

Built in 1968, the Mary's Boon located on the Simpson Bay beach, just behind the airport, has been up for sale for several months. The property has been entrusted to a real estate agent based in Texas in the United States and its price fixed at $6 million.

The hotel is divided into nine buildings and includes thirty-seven units (rooms/suites). One of the strategies suggested to potential buyers is to keep nineteen units as a hotel and transform the eighteen others into seasonal accommodations, which could generate a turnover of nearly 40 % while bearing in mind that the Government of Sint Maarten has approved this mode of operation.

The price of an apartment would be $275,000, "which would make these condos the least expensive of Simpson Bay beach", according to the property description.

Until then, "Several people have shown an interest in the project," said the real estate agent. But the sale still hasn’t taken place yet.

The price was reportedly lowered. According to newspaper articles in March of last year, the posted price at that time was $6.8 million - Against 6 million today.



Estelle Gasnet