COM of St Martin would be able to reopen 1st and 5th grade classes in elementary schools on Monday

“In regard to the reopening of schools, the French government clearly wants the school to resume gradually as scheduled, to allow students to finish the school year under more favorable learning conditions. That is a commendable argument, because indeed it is true that numerous students are faced with the difficulties of the home-schooling system and also the fact that parents will return to work but our executive's position has not changed. Which is continue exchanging with our educational stakeholders   and remember the safety of our students above all.

Protecting our students is essential and we are asking that the necessary resources be deployed in the schools (masks - distancing measures, etc.) to prevent the virus from returning.

The National Board of Education is taking care of the protection of the teaching staff and will keep us informed of the measures implemented locally.

As far as our employees are concerned, the Collectivité will be responsible for equipping them with our available stockpiles.

Clarification from the government on this subject is necessary. It will be difficult to reopen all the schools in Saint Martin in May if those needs are not met. We discussed this point with the unions, their position must also be taken into consideration.

We therefore are pursuing our consultation meetings with the State, the Rectorate and education stakeholders, until we reach a joint decision.

At this stage, after assessing our means in terms of school buildings and Collectivité staff, we would be able to reopen 1st and 5th grade classes in elementary schools on Monday 11th May. This point remains to be discussed in the next few days with our partners”, says President Gibbs.