Tourist drowns at Kim Sha Beach

On Wednesday March 20th at approximately 02.35 PM police patrols and paramedics were directed to Kim Sha beach where it was reported that a man had drowned. On the scene the investigating officers encountered paramedics who were busy applying first aid to the mail victim who was lying on his back on the beach. The victim however, was not reacting to the aid that was giving to him. After approximately 15 minutes of the unsuccessful attempt to reanimate the victim the attempt was halted. Dr. Mercuur who arrived on the scene pronounced the death of the victim as a result of drowning. According to a family member of the victim, he entered the water for a swim and at one point was not seen anymore. The victim identified with initials T.L.F and a passenger on board of the Harmony of The Seas was taken to a morgue for further arrangement. There were no signs of foul play in this investigation.