"Chez Leandra": the family fundraises to rebuild the restaurant

Zelman Jermin-Carti wants to raise funds online to rebuild Chez Leandra restaurant in Orient Bay.

"Me, my mom and my wife run and own Chez Leandra's restaurant in Orient Bay. We have been managing it for more than twenty years, "says Zelman Jermin-Carti. The establishment is one of the kiosques that the Collectivité had rebuilt after the passage of Gonzalo cyclone in 2014.

It has been again destroyed, it was completely blown by Irma. "While the Collectivité did not inform us of its reconstruction projects, we decided to rebuild ourselves. We bought and installed a container in order to reopen, "says Zelman who welcomed its first customers four months after Irma. "But since the 1st of August we are closed again because the Collectivité has decided to clean the beach and remove the waste. So we had to remove the container and break down the bar we had built, "he continues. The Collectivité assured us that we will get back our spot but that we have to rebuild the restaurant, the deck and the bar. And everything most be removable in case of another hurricane "he says.

In order to cover the costs, Zelman had the idea to solicit the generosity of the public and raise monay online with the free plateform Gofundme. He needs 5 000 euros. 


Estelle Gasnet

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