How to Create Jobs

With over 5,000 people registered as unemployed across all categories, Saint-Martin needs to reinvent its economic model if it wants to develop.

Saint-Martin must be innovative. To do so, it must emphasize the activities and jobs of tomorrow.


With this in mind, Initiative Saint-Martin Active, along with its partners the State, the CCISM, Pôle Emploi and the COM, has decided to organize a monthly forum on “the careers of tomorrow”. They have chosen three themes: the green economy, the blue economy, and the digital economy. Through June, they will be inviting professionals from these different sectors to exhibit employment opportunities and development issues in each one of these sectors. Moreover, creators, buyers, business leaders, and all project managers will have the opportunity to become informed about measures intended to lift constraints on hiring and encourage the development of the local economy through small businesses.


The first forum will cover the blue economy, specifically renewable energy. Laurent Thieulle of Créocéan, Guillaume Ripodas of EDF, as well as a representative of the Natural Reserve will explain how they can create jobs in Saint-Martin. This will, most notably, cover the issues of transforming the sea weeds into a new economic activity and understanding the marine environment as a source of renewable energy.


This first forum on the careers of tomorrow in Saint-Martin will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, at the CCISM in Concordia starting at 6pm. Access is free, and it is open to all audiences: business owners wanting to diversify their activities, young people with ideas who don’t yet know how to implement them, project managers, etc.


The next forum will take place on March 17 and will cover maritime jobs.


Estelle Gasnet