The body at Nettle Bay has been identified

On May 26, the gendarmerie received a telephone call informing them of the presence of a lifeless body on the shore near the "Belle Creole” hotel at Nettle Bay. The individual who was discovered did not have any ID documents and no missing persons had recently been reported to the gendarmerie. According to the medical examiner who was present, the man appeared to have drowned a few days earlier. An investigation was opened and assigned to the Saint-Martin brigade community in order to determine the causes of the death and identify the victim.
A few days later, the investigators made a connection with a news release which was published in the Dutch press and which reported the disappearance of a worshiper of a church in Colebay in Sint-Maarten.
The gendarmes therefore proceeded with seizing the missing person’s toothbrush in order to compare it with the DNA from the body. The gendarmerie has just received the results: the person discovered on the beach is the one who was reported missing.
The victim is a young 33 year-old Haitian. The investigation revealed that he died by drowning and that the death dates back to a few days before the body was discovered. In accordance with the Public Prosecutor’s directives, the body was handed over to the family.