Large crocodile kept at private residence

On Tuesday, October 17th police received information about a large crocodile was being kept on the property of a home located on L.B. Scot road. After receiving this information an investigation was done by police to determine what this case was really all about.

On the scene the police discovered an approximately five feet long crocodile which was being kept in a concrete water reservoir. The owner of this wild animal and very dangerous identified with initials S.B. stated that he has owned the animal for approximately 30 years. The owner informed police that he did not have permission from the local authorities, to ship or to own such a wild animal.

The Nature Foundation was immediately contacted to come and assist to with the situation. The animal was captured and it will not be disposed of. The animal was taken to a secure place where it will be contained until a decision is taken for it be transported to a zoo off island.

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