Declarations and processing declarations with the NAGICO group

Declarations and processing of MRH, AUTOMOTIVE and PROFESSIONAL RISK declarations with the NAGICO group FOR THE FRENCH ISLANDS of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy

  • For insured persons NAGICO WITH INTERMEDIARY (Broker / Agent)

The Insured must send his application / declaration to his intermediary He can copy: david.menissier@nagico.com eddy.lake@nagico.com mylene.menard@nagico.com


The Insured must send his / her application / declaration to: david.menissier@nagico.com eddy.lake@nagico.com mylene.menard@nagico.com


For insured persons NAGICO NV (Dutch side): The Insured must send his / her application / declaration to: Bhardwaj.Raghubir@NAGICO.COM and to its intermediary if necessary. He can copy: david.menissier@nagico.com


In all cases, the following information are to be inserted in the mails:

− In the subject of the mail, Client name, Contract number if possible

− In the body of the mail, the complete address of the risk affected, and/or Registration Numbers of damaged vehicles

Any document (registration document, copy of contract, photographs), any description, even a summary and partial description of the damage to facilitate an initial assessment is desirable. This information can then be communicated by specific e-mail. An online declaration form is also available on the English-speaking NAGICO group website (for the "Dutch" part of the island) at the following address: https://www.nagico.com/notify-us-hurricane-irma-claim/

  • Information for disaster victims and their families

The information sent by e-mail by the Insured or their mandated relatives is considered as a declaration of loss within the meaning of the Natural Catastrophes Act 82.600. NAGICO France has extended the reporting period for incidents following the passage of hurricanes IRMA and JOSE to 2 months from the date of the loss occurrence. The level of destruction on the islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy has disrupted the telephone and Internet communication networks. Hotel facilities, road network and rental fleets are no longer operational and require major emergency repairs. The relief and security operations on the islands, driven by the civil administrations of Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands, do not authorise yet mass arrival on the islands of insurance experts capable of releasing initial estimates. In this particularly difficult context, operations are carried out on behalf of NAGICO France from sites outside the islands of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin. The computer system of the NAGICO group is preserved, but is not currently accessible locally on the islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy. The situation on the spot changes daily, and corresponds to a dynamic adjustment of the organisation and interventions of NAGICO France.

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