Jus en folie : «Promoting a healthy food diet»

[CONCOURS DE L’INNOVATION] Jus en Folie is a concept store which sales juicers and water fountains.

Amandyn Morand is the president of the association SXM Harmony. Aged 33, she is currently training to become a naturopath and has created Jus en Folie, a concept store which sales juicers and water fountains. Her workshop is based in Bellevue since December 2016. She also works from home since almost two years now. In September, the company will open a new premise in the area, this time in the Kia Motors street. Her goal? Promote a healthy food diet, based on fruits and vegetables, thanks to shared advice and recipes.

Jus en folie is one of the seven finalists of the innovation competition organized by Initiative Saint Martin Active. « The innovation comes from an end to end user journey, which starts with the customer buying a juicer, then receiving tailored made diet advice and finally purchasing the products which will help him progress on his well-being path » comments the founder.

Amandyn Morand, a self-taught juice creator, offers recipes and workshops tailored to her customers’ needs. Of course, she is always up for demonstrations in her workshop: « when a customer comes to buy a juicer, I show them how to use it » More than anything, she enjoys participating to various events on the island, such as the forum de la santé or the Kids Expo. « Sales are a good tool, but the main idea of Jus en folie is to share best knowledge » says Amandyn Morand. That is why, together with her cousin Laureen, she has set up a Youtube channel where she mainly posts videos about juice recipes. « We want to make the content clear, easy and accessible to all » she says. Although Jus en folie principally targets health conscious customers, the company’s Facebook page counts almost 1,200 followers. The company has partnered in many events with Charlotte Vivès, a health, nutrition and wellness coach.

But Jus de folie is much more than just juices. Amandyn Morand also sells home-made fermented beverages (which contain natural probiotics). Both Kefir and Kombucha are coming back into fashion. These ancient elixirs, made from bacteria and yeast strains, are know to be natural antidepressants. Amandyn teaches her customers how to prepare these beverages on their own. In her Bellevue workshop, she also sells organic cosmetic and food products, to fill the gap in organic grocery supply on the French side.

Finally, Jus de folie has for ambition to federate and commercialize local farm products, on the same model as la ruche. Amandyn Morand already offers a weekly grocery basket, which contains various local and seasonal products. « I work with people who have fruit trees in their garden, but also with some vegetable producers who import products from Dominica, Rastafarm in Bellevue, the Soualiga farm in Colombier and an organic channel from Guadeloupe with ANAP » she explains.

Fanny Fontan