An Advanced Technician Certificate (BTS) in tourism and also soon, in international business

While in Saint-Martin, the superintendant (recteur) of the Guadeloupe schools district made several announcements concerning the territory.

In addition to the creation of five new elementary school teaching positions starting in September in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the superintendant of schools of the Guadeloupe schools district who came to our island for a regional administration committee dedicated to the Collectivité, also confirmed the establishment of a BTS tourism in September. Camille Galap also asked his representative, Michel Sanz, to examine the creation of a BTS in international business.

Furthermore, he asked his representative to consider the implementation of a class with a flexible schedule with the possibility to study drama. “Locally, we’ve got some true talent in that subject”, said the superintendant of schools.

In addition, his teams have been asked to see how the teaching of a sports discipline, as is now the case for sailing at the Collège Mont des Accords (middle school), can be extended to French Quarter middle school and the school complex (cité scolaire).


Estelle Gasnet