«L’amour à la plage», a new restaurant concept

François Castelain is planning to open a cultural restaurant in Grand Case, and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance it.

Named «L’amour à la plage», it is «an interesting concept» says François. «L’amour à la plage» is the name of the restaurant that François Castelain wishes to open in Grand Case, a place where «people who love life will meet». Lovers of art and culture especially, as the restaurant will also serve as «a dynamic space for artistic discovery. The atmosphere will change depending on the artists and unusual events produced through the seasons.» explains François

Originally form North of France, François once dreamed of becoming an artist, and tried his luck shortly after he turned 20, by quitting his communication studies and moving to Paris. In the capital, he is recruited as a«supervisor for a trendy ready-to-wear brand, a manager for a famous sushi restaurant, then for another famous restaurant in the Louvre». «At the same time, I was getting involved in the fashion industry, by taking part in events and shows, which eventually lead me to pose for a few photographers. I was recruited by a modeling agency, then spotted by a booker who asked me to go and do some modeling work in Asia for a few months» he adds.

Upon his return in Paris, he discovers photography, which will become his new passion. New opportunities arise, but he «impulsively» decides to quit everything. This time, he is heading to the Caribbean. «I quickly realized that life was sweeter here, and quickly adapted to this life under the sun, by the edge of the sea», he adds. However, there were less job opportunities. He goes back to being a waiter.

After three years in Saint-Martin, François Castelain decides to «mix his experiences» and launches the project «L’Amour à la plage ». A restaurant which will mix «food, photography, music, dance, theater, theme nights, and all sorts of cultural events». The opening is scheduled a few weeks from now.

The project is a big investment, especially from a financial point of view. Therefore François Castelain has decided to finance his project through crowdfunding. Which means that he will finance the project thanks to the participation of the public. His crowdfunding project is hosted by the Tudigo platform (previously known as Bulb in Town). He needs a minimum 4,500€, with 30,000€ being the ideal amount. François has worked on different levels of financing, from 4,500€ to 30,000€, which correspond to different levels of interior design.

He suggests donations ranging from 10€ to 8,000€ in exchange for various counterparts. For example, in exchange for a 10€ donation you will be given a cocktail, and for 30€ you will be given cocktails and appetizers for two people. If you would like a dessert to be named after you, you would have to donate 1,000€. The same goes for two of the main dishes, as well as one of the brunch options.

For the time being (August 21th), 33 people have contributed to the project, for a total 2,500€. The crowdfunding campaign will end on September 4th.

Estelle Gasnet