Demand 3 years prison for J.A.J.R. in “Tarpon”-case 

The Public Prosecutor of Sint Maarten demanded on Wednesday a prison sentence of 3 years and payment of the amount of more than 727.145 guilders. Funds that were charged by the suspect J.A.J.R. In employment is extinguished.

This is the research "Tarpon". An investigation started in 2014 following a statement by the Secretary General (SG) of the Ministry of General Affairs in June 2014 following an investigation by Government Accountant Bureau Office Sint Maarten (SOAB) in connection with suspicion of ambitious eclipse and money laundering.

J.A.J.R. was director of the National Security Service Sint Maarten (Veiligheidsdienst Sint Maarten, VDSM). In connection with the investigation, several searches took place during the investigation. The suspect was detained for 12 days in provisional custody in connection with the investigation.

According to the investigation purchases were made on the creditcard of the VDSM, this between 2011 and 2013, for which he did not give any explanation. It involves various private purchases such as the purchase of a gold bracelet at a jeweler at Sint Maarten (2012), purchase of expensive clothing at Schiphol (2012), purchases at a department store in the Netherlands (2012) as well as the purchase of a BlueRay player (2012 ), a two-person plane ticket to Miami (2012), a plane ticket and overnight stay for two on St. Kitts, purchase of airline tickets for him and his family to Orlando (2012) and overnight stays at a luxury hotel in Miami (2012). The suspect also made several cash withdrawals for the amount of 273,000 guilders (2012, 2013).

The Public Prosecutor in this case was clear, “crime does not pay”, he said.

The judge give his verdict in this case in three weeks, on August 30, 2017 at 9 AM.