Young people rallying against violence


As part of the Local Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency (CLPD) the association rallied against violence. Thirty young people aged 13-18 years worked for almost a year on a short movie titled "Le choix d'une vie", whose posters are already visible in several places on the island.

In 30 minutes, this fiction tells the story of Jeff, a quiet broke young man whose girlfriend prefers an older boy. When the latter steals the pair of new sneakers and the chain he was given for his birthday, Jeff decides to take revenge...

"What we wanted to emphasize is that there is always a possibility to make a choice - and say yes or no. This choice can determine the rest of our lives” says Jean-Marc Gervais, president of Jeunesse Soualiga. He co-directed the film with Natson Paul of the audiovisual pole of the Collectivité, which ensured the technical part of the project, the latter being financed by the FIPD funds.

The campaign will start on July 12 at 6:30 pm at the cultural center of Sandy Ground, with a presentation of the film to the public. Leawony and Elona Javois will sing the anthem of St. Martin to introduce the speech of the president of the Collectivité and that of the préfète, and then the Odd Brothers will perform their title 'I Try'.

Until September 12, posters will be posted on the various advertising locations of the island.  Each will show one of the seven actors of the film delivering a message. The point is to catch the interest of the population until school starts. From mid-September, movie sessions will start and these will be followed by debates in the various districts of the island. Jeunesse Soualiga will thus work with other associations so as to invite as many young people as possible and hear their comments and feelings on this story, as well as interrogate what their choice would have been had they been in the place of the characters. "The most important thing in this project is that young people deliver a message to young people," says Jean-Marc Gervais.

For more information, click here to watch the trailer and visit the Facebook page of the movie.

Fanny Fontan