Flowering of the entrances of Marigot and release of the wreck to Galisbay

These are two short-term priorities for the new majority.

In a plenary meeting on Thursday morning, elected officials debated on the 2017 supplementary budget. In this context, President Daniel Gibbs wished to clarify certain "political choices of the majority".

These include the allocation of € 300,000 to the beautification of the island. "We will notably flourish the roundabouts at the entrances of Marigot and renovate some public spaces," said Daniel Gibbs.

He also said that he had budgeted € 400,000 for the decontamination of the shipwreck located in Galisbay in order to "prevent health and safety problems". Jules Charville, Territorial Councilor, reminded that this subject had already been raised at a Territorial Council meeting last year. He had then informed the former president, Aline Hanson, that he knew of a company that offered to deal with the wreck for free. Daniel Gibbs replied that he had no record of this proposal and was ready to discuss with the company.

Estelle Gasnet