Faces from Saint-Martin displayed on the walls of Marigot


“The exhibit promotes the known and unknown faces of the island representing cultural diversity,” Yolande Sylvestre, the President of the Cultural Commission, said. The Collectivité organized on the afternoon of Saturday, June 24, the opening of the exhibit “Faces of Saint-Martin,” directly inspired by the project “Inside out” from the street artist JR.

Out of those who applied to the Collectivité’s call to offer last February, five photographers (amateurs and professionals) were selected. 5 women: Steph Deziles, Natalie Beaurain, Pauline Rebin, Ismaä Sidi-Ikhlef and Glanny Baloula. They had to send in ten photographs, eight of the ten of adults (men or women), one of a natural features and one of an architectural features from Saint-Martin.

“I am passionate about photography. It was important to me to showcase the island through pictures. Many of the photographs I submitted were of friends. We, amateur and professional photographs, have not really had the opportunity to showcase our work on Saint-Martin,” Ismaä Sidi-Ikhlef said.

The exhibit includes 43 photographs printed in black and white on large blue-backed paper (like those used for electoral or metro signs) and posted throughout the city on the walls that are public property. “Faces of Saint-Martin” is a transient exhibit like much the street art. It will evolve with time and wear as the signs will fall off and tear until they are no longer. They will have to be renewed next year.

Eleven exhibition sites:

1) Ancienne gendarmerie, rue de la Liberté.

2) Hôtel de la Collectivité.

3) Hôtel de la Collectivité, rue Victor Maurasse.

4 and 5) Direction de la Culture, jeunesse et sports (the old Bord de Mer School).

6 ) Local électrique, rue du Président Kennedy

7 and 8) Ancienne prison, rue Fichot (registered historical monument).

9) Service de l'Urbanisme et du Développement durable

10) Niche en béton (Service de l'Urbanisme et du Développement durable)

11) Salle omnisports de Galisbay

The Collectivité of Saint-Martin and its president, Daniel Gibbs, wish to thank the photographers who were selected by the contest for their excellent work. They would also like to thank the members of the jury who selected the photographs: Claudio Arnell, professor of Studio Arts and artist, and Alain Duzant, Photographer, and from the Collectivité Stéphanie Dargaud, director of the Archives territoriales et du Patrimoine and Carole Tondu of service Culture.

Fanny Fontan