Unusual: a car wreck in the midst of the works

Since early June, works are underway in the Capitaine Froston (by the Catholic Church) and Perrinon streets, Marigot. They include the rehabilitation of sewage and wastewater.

In late may, the company in charge of the works distributed documents to the Perrinon street residents to warn them and ask them not to park in the street. Some paid attention to these instructions, by a few wrecks remained. One of them had to be removed by the company itself, and left on a parking space located a little further.

Progressing up on Fichot street, workers were hampered by another wreck, a blue one, bearing no license plate and abandoned for now several months. To dig their trenches, they decided to turn the vehicle which is now in the midst of the site. It now covers two parking spaces.

Before they could fill the trench, they brought back the wreck in the other direction. Unless the Sustainable Development Services - located 50 meters from there - take it away soon.

There are also two more wrecks in the vicinity (under the trees in the background of the picture); one is now abandoned for several months, the second appeared in recent weeks. The latter being stripped a little but more, day after day.

Estelle Gasnet