Cul de Sac Area School: Annick Petrus-Ferga generates anger among parents of pupils

The situation is once again tense in the school of Cul de Sac; some parents are angry after its Director, Annick Petrus-Ferga, for two main reasons: her repeated absences and the disappearance of certain goods.

Annick Petrus-Ferga is a teacher and Director of the primary school Emile Larmonie in the area of Cul de Sac in the French side. She is also third Vice-President of the Collectivité in charge of academic affairs, among other matters. Since her election in March, she is absent on a regular basis as she has to comply with her Vice President duties. According to our sources, she is absent mainly from her functions as Director which has angered some of the students’ parents.

Her absences are authorized by law and are managed by the Education Inspectorate. Mrs. Petrus-Ferga has a credit of 140 hours every quarter.

Furthermore, the parents discovered that some of the school supplies were “disappearing” and they blame the Director for not filing a complaint with the gendarmerie. The last thing that disappeared was a loudspeaker. “It disappeared at around the same time as the last rainfall” and that was “the reason given for the cancellation of the end-of-year show.” “That’s what we were told last week,” the parents told us on Thursday and Friday. When we reached Annick Petrus-Ferga on Monday afternoon, she confirmed over the phone that “the show was not canceled,” but confirmed that the loudspeaker was missing.

“Before I took on the role of Director of this school, already material was regularly disappearing,” Petrus-Ferga said. “I wanted to put locks, but then I was criticized for locking everything, so I put everything back the way it was,” Petrus-Ferga added, while making it clear that there was never a crime.

On the other hand, she maintained that she has filed several complaints. “It is complicated, because I cannot say when the material disappeared. We discover it is missing when we need it,” she explained. “That’s is why the police reports never amounted to anything,” she said.

We contacted the gendarmerie who said that no reports had been filed by Annick Petrus-Ferga about a theft or missing supplies.

We also contacted the Education Inspectorate who were unaware as well.

A school board meeting was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon; the elementary schools inspector said that he would be attending to discuss with the parents and the Director.


Estelle Gasnet