Hospital: the surgical department is returning to its own wing

The organization of the departments at the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital Center was disturbed after a fire last year.

Following a fire caused by a failing refrigerator motor that started in the medical department at the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital Center on May 8, 2016, the hospital’s departments had to reorganize. The medical department was transferred to surgery, the surgical department to maternity, and maternity to pediatrics. One year later, the departments are gradually returning to their wings.

The repair of the medical department, which counts 24 beds, was an opportunity to renovate the other departments. "We noted a need for renovation," confided Hervé Magott, the financial director. So a large work project was begun, for a total of €900,000. The medical department, which counts 17 beds, was entirely redone from scratch, as was the surgery-anesthesiology department. There, it was particularly important to renovate the walls and floors. The equipment and beds were not changed. Its reopening in its original wing took place on Wednesday, May 24.

The maternity ward is still undergoing repairs.

Photo caption: the surgical team.



Estelle Gasnet