Exhibiting student work outside of school


The 2 objectives of the Art Fest are to allow schools and institutions to take part in a long-term art project and exhibit them outside of their walls. "A large-scale operation that began in 2015-2016, to which we wanted to give a particular dimension this year," declared Michel Sanz, Academy Inspector, during a press conference on Tuesday, May 23.

In Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, volunteer teachers from primary and secondary schools (visual arts, music, French, etc) have worked with their classes since the beginning of the year around the theme of heritage.  21 of the 26 schools in the district participated. Their works will be exhibited from May 29 to June 4 in various locations around the two islands, such as the Collectivité gardens, the square in front of the courthouse, or the kiosk in French Quarter, in Saint-Martin.

"We are borrowing from the principle of The Big Wash where art is hung from laundry lines," explains Céline Renger, pedagogical advisor in visual arts. In addition to visual arts, all forms of art will be represented, from theater to music, including live entertainment, writing, and food tasting. "The event will begin on Monday morning in front of the Cultural Center of Grand Case," announced Valérie Siobud, pedagogical advisor in music education. But the official inauguration will take place on Monday, May 29 in the Collectivité gardens.

This is also an opportunity to show the film produced by Dimitry Zandronis and financed by the ERDF and the Collectivité of Saint-Barthélemy. "We requested a producer through a call for projects so that he could film what has been taking place in classrooms since January and show the deep work that has been done by students and teachers," notes Michel Sanz. This documentary film with an artistic aesthetic is around fifty minutes long. It will be shown on screens and put online starting on Monday on the Education Department website, where you can also consult the schedule of this Art Fest week.

The more general goal of the event is to create a dynamic around academic success. In fact, beyond developing students' imaginations: "we believe very strongly in the impact of artistic activities on academic success" confides Michel Sanz

Fanny Fontan

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