Downtown Marigot: businesses open Monday, May 8

The business will open on Monday, day of the COMMEMORATION OF THE VICTORY OF MAY 8, 1945.

Reinvigorating downtown Marigot is a necessity, and the citizens' economic association (AEC) has decided to spring into action. "We will be open on Monday, May 8," announced Yann Lecam, the president. "During the Easter weekend, only a few shops were open, and that was inconsistent," he commented. On Monday, around twenty shops located on the Marina Royale, rue du Général de Gaulle and rue Kennedy, will therefore be open. "We also will be offering musical events," added Yann Lecam, aware that business owners have some of the responsibility for the decline of business in the downtown area. "This will allow those who don’t have the time to come during the week or on Saturday to come on Monday and take their time," he stated.

"We need to react. We must act and invest in the common ambition of relaunching the business momentum," stated the president of the citizens' economic association.

On Monday, May 8, shops will be open from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Some will be open all day.



Estelle Gasnet