Controls of two-wheelers: 28 seized scooters

Since the beginning of the year, the police reinforce their control of two-wheelers.

“As part of a local group of dealing with delinquency (GLTD), the gendarmerie of Saint-Martin focuses on reinforced control of two-wheelers in Saint-Martin, with the assistance and support of the local Collectivité (CLSPD) and the territorial police during the first half 2017”, says the Prosecutor's office of Saint-Martin on the initiative of this group in view of the high road accidents and the particularly road behaviors of two-wheelers’ users.

Vehicles non insured, unlicensed for the road or in poor condition are routinely impounded. Similarly those whose drivers are not holders of the patent of road safety (BSR, mandatory for two-wheelers).

“To this day twenty-eight scooters and motocross have been seized. They are temporarily stored in a sealed container,” announced the Prosecutor's office. “Twelve have been returned after regularization by their owner (insurance,license plate, etc.), four were destroyed by the approved body after decontamination (SXM VERDE), eleven are under investigation”, says the Deputy Prosecutor Yves Paillard. Seven summonses have been issued as well as ten convocations before the representative of the Prosecutor as an alternative to prosecution (conditional classification of passing the BSR in a motorcycle school or fine of penal composition).



Estelle Gasnet