"Partir", the new title of RE - MI


Re-mi, like musical notes» explained Claude Rémi for spelling out his stage name. A name that led him to music. At the age of 27, he has released his second clip. “Partir” denounces domestic violence in a blend of gospel, creole pop and R'n'B. ”This is a subject that is close to my heart because many people around me are victims”, he explained while showing some wisdom for his age. And added: “I use the first person to put myself in their place”.

This song is the product of the challenge that he gave himself. Last summer, while he was staying in Paris with her sister, he made an appointment to record in a studio three days later at Deeve’s, a Saint-Martin native who works in this industry. He had the model of the instrumental that a friend composed for him (FKOnTheBeat), but had neither the text nor the melody. Therefore there was no other choice but to write a song in three days.

The music? ”I was born with it,” said the semifinalist of the 2016 Trace Music Star competition who has over 6000 fans on his Facebook page. His influences range from American gospel and Maître Gims, and his first title Paka Viv San Ou was broadcast on television and on the radio in 2014. After having performed in musicals when he was a student at the Lycée Polyvalent, and recently at a charity gala in Haiti for the association "a toy, a smile" where he is a volunteer, he continues to sing in his church choir.

"I don’t want to impose by saying 'I’m an artist', but it’s my way of expressing myself". From Haiti, he was born and grew up in Saint-Martin and raised by a single mother and received an evangelist religious education. He started to sing at church, in a soul choir in Haiti, where he spent part of his childhood. He describes himself as very shy and remembers always singing alone in his room. Like a refuge.

His faith and his passion seemed intrinsically linked. ”God gave me the gift and I discovered music in church.” Musically, this translates into the gospel touch he brings to his songs. In his writings, he also sometimes speaks about God. A devotion that does not prevent him from keeping his head on his shoulders. In addition to music, he’s a security officer. And is currently working on his first album.

However, although he considers the reputation of our youth in Saint-Martin as being exaggerated, he notes a certain lack of supervision. ”I’m not saying I’m better than others, but I had a mother who played the role of father and mother I knew what it was to be hungry, suffering, and miserable It motivated me to succeed in order to see her smile. And it has started to work.”

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Fanny Fontan