Yacht Hop: new attempt to clear it

For the past three weeks, the Yacht Hop having a London pavilion is grounded in Nettle Bay. During the night of February 28 to March 1, its anchor chain broke and caught in the propeller causing the yacht drifting in a sandy bottom, according to the information provided by the captain to the SNSM. With another episode of strong swells, the yacht moved again and its bow ended up stuck in a sea wall of rocks protecting a home in Nettle Bay. Several clearance attempts have been carried out but all in vain. Oil odors were detected by local residents, but according to the authorities, there is no risk of pollution.

The nautical gendarmerie and customs made several visits on board, the last occurring on Monday afternoon. “There is no oil, the captain has pumped the fuel in the tanks so that there is just the bare minimum for the clearance of the yacht” indicates the prosecutor of Saint-Martin.

The pumping of the oil was also confirmed by the port authority of Saint-Martin. “The unloading is carried out in order to lighten the yacht and thus facilitate its removal”, says the Director of the port that is to be in permanent contact with the person in charge of the yacht. “Rocks that could block the yacht were also removed and a new anchor was positioned because the one of the yacht was too fragile,” he added.

A new operation to remove the Yacht Hop was scheduled yesterday by Secure Marine Construction.

The Yacht Hop is located in territorial waters, therefore it is the responsibility of local port authorities - and not of the State - to ensure that all operations to clear the yacht are implemented. If no effort is noticed, the Director of the port may decide on a formal notice. But this procedure has not yet been taken.





Estelle Gasnet
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