After Scoobi Too, Solana is also in the boulders at Anse Marcel


By the evening of Tuesday, March 14, the mooring of the Solana dropped. Since then, the boat is still in the boulders at Anse Marcel, as Scoobi Too in February. SNSM intervened when a local resident called Gilles Dubroca, the boss of the SNSM, around 7 pm. "We think the anchorage broke. We tried to get her out with the assistance of Rescue Star for one hour - one hour and a half, with no success, even if we have two big engines of 275 CV" he says. The boss of the SNSM also fear that he has weakened the biton of his boat. "For this kind of operation we would need our SNS129, which is being repaired in France because it was damaged during a rescue operation during Gonzalo."

After calling the customs which were finally in Martinique, he took responsibility before the CROSS Antilles Guyane to involve Rescue II of Sint Maarten and it took at least an hour to get there from Philipsburg. Meanwhile, Solana continued to take water despite the pumping operations. "Once Rescue II was on-site, we tried to pull her five times and she has barely moved" continues Gilles Dubroca.

During the fourth try, the hawser (big rope used for mooring and towing) of the lifeboat broke. "Around midnight and a half, we had to stop because we were smaching our boats" he explains.

Fanny Fontan